Wednesday Night Social Report - first of all I have to apologise as I haven't done a Wednesday night social ride report for a couple of weeks but I can say the new mid week social is gathering fans nicely and we're seeing loads of familiar faces every week.

Now back to tonightm 10 of us set out with myself confessing to not having a particular plan in mind, I soon decided to keep it in the Pines tonight as there certainly was a storm brewing !  So I headed down the first part of the TT Course our first tight and twisty then up over the green to some more really tight and twisty and after popping out of this bit with everyone intact I headed out from some fast stuff after torturing them with all the twisty stuff !

We had a play over and along the spine taking the sneaky stuff to section 12 of the red where we did the fast downhill but took a sneaky Dazza special turning off this section onto some little known off piste, up cardiac hill and then down the other side and into the South Side where we did some more really sneaky Dazza trails then through the tight stuff near the jungle and then back to the shop.

10 miles in all with some great people, cakes and sweets !

Big thank you to all those who rode with me tonight.