14 riders left the shop at 7pm and headed off into the forest via the orienteering course for a cheeky loop, then through Mr Veals backwards and then onto the first stop and chat.  We then headed into the trenches and did the full 3 trench loop and then to a super sneaky Darren special (the first of the night) a quick dart up cardiac hill and down the other side - queue the next sweet and Jaffa cake stop (you can see a theme developing here lol).

Over Eakring Road into the South side of the forest and through more super sneaky Darren specials before another sweet and Jaffa cake stop (told you there was a theme !).  Back across Eakring Road into more Single Track next to the jungle back into the Pines via another sneaky bit and found ourselves going through the Night Garden and to finish section 1 of the Blue route backwards and a little more cake lol !

10 miles of Single Track never leaving the Pines with a 5.5mph average.

Thanks to all that came tonight, Leigh for sweeping and great company.

See you all same time next week.