Twelve of us met for a ride into the darkness tonight, it was off on the fire road to start to get a warm up as it was the coldest night ride so far.

A quick climb crossing the red route and up the side of the forest to cross Eakring Road and the track up the field edge.  A bit of reverse blue and then off into the off piste and secret trails that only hardened SPCC'ers know about (that's why you should join us, secret, second to none knowledge of the trails - no fire road only rides here !) through the leaves and mud which made for tough riding and then up the tree lined descent before heading back into the woods for more mud !

Back into the Pines and more off piste before arriving back at the shop.  There was talk of Jaffa Cakes and Battenburg.  I am not sure I'll be there next week, but let me see what I can do the following week....

Thanks for the ride, you were all SMASHING, remember if you have a mechanical, or any other problem tell the Sweeper - tonight's sweeping was done by Kev, so thank you for that, it's a tough job and not many volunteer.  There were no sweets so Terry is now barred !  Tonight's photo is a spot the Scott competition.

See you soon