Ok, will call Wednesday night's ride 'Fast & Furious 7'.  Fast because that's the way to ride the Pines to experience it at it's best and Furious as that is what my Wife is at me for fidgeting because of the nettle stings on my legs and 7 because that is the number of times she has kneed me in the back before I gave up and left the room !

10 riders tonight all on top form including newbie Mark who I think enjoyed it after the initial 'oh sh*t this is quick'. Little Graham (that's not Gee) was having fun riding his 26er single speed which is probably more like a 25er as his back tyre is about as worn as my Grandad's love puppet !  Someone donate him a new one please - Graham that is not my Grandad !

Scott and Johnny, our resident pair of low riders, looking like they were off to Tesco's to do the shopping on their sit up and beg bikes - how do they ride like that and so fast ??  No idea !  Their seats are about as low as my Grandmas nipples.

Great ride yet again all topped off with beer, nuts and crisps.  Special thanks tonight go to our unsung hero sweeper Ginsters Jim and Phenomenal Phil.