Wow !  Yet another great Wednesday night ride people !

All the SingleSpeeders,  just one short of a bakers dozen.  Six.  Fourteen riders so by my calculations that's 92% single speeds.  In fact soon it will be a criminal offence to turn up on a geared bike, punishable by wearing 'CHIPS' style trousers to show of your physique.

It was a bit slippery tonight, how slippery you ask ?  Well it was as slippery as a piglet smothered in Brylcream but enough of my personal life.

Phil looked extremely dapper tonight modelling the latest in MTB rain caps, for a moment in the car park I even thought he was going to take an umbrella !

Even though nobody thought to bring a harpsichord, our new face trail Dodecahedron was so much fun.  In fact I don't think I have had so much fun since the neighbour came round for tea and we ended up playing blindfold naked twister - well I told her it was blindfold anyway !

Thanks to all and especially to Graham 'Dora the Explorer' - It was a blast !!