Even with a forecast of rain a good bunch of riders turned out for this Wednesday evening's social ride.

My initial thoughts were to ride out of the Pines and away from the black mud and try to keep the pace going with a minimum of stops.  It turns out we were able to find plenty of mud and deep puddles to keep us entertained no matter where we went !  In fact, I seemed able to find the worst of it all !

The first 5 minutes from setting off from the Pines shop was the driest of the evening, after quickly existing the Pines by the back door we headed for Newlands by as many fun trails as could be thrown in.  From there up through the Peafield Plantation, Normas, Turners and the Lings before deciding that the rain was not going to stop or let-up.

We decided to head back in a meandering fashion, up through Sunnyside Wood and the Birklands before bee-lining back to the Pines.  Even though we cut the ride short to the weather we still managed 18 miles with some new trails explored for some.



Apologies for the wet and blurry Pic lol !