Only 9 people turn up on a Wednesday night when i (actually my kind Wife Angela) bakes a cake the size of Belgium!  Do you realise how much we all had to eat ?  Think Jim likes it lol (see pic).  So, we all ate big cake then felt sick - could have done with Jo Gibson being there as it soon would have been cleaned up !

To make things worse the bride to be, sorry I mean guest of honour Nick had already sodded off on his travels early - we had a better night without you holding us up anyway !!

Well it was a dry, warm night and well into double figures.  We all saw a strange creature on a fast downhill - it was smallish and had a fluffy tail (no it wasn't me taking a leak).  Gray thought it was a snake, Scott thought it was a dog and I am pretty certain it was a meerkat - only time will tell.

Young Graham found a new bike in better condition than his so will be trading up (see pic).  We also found the biggest wood pile (that's not Nick Wood as he didn't turn up !) in the World.

Was a fast flow ride taking in a lot of trails we haven't done for a while.  Another mighty fine evening with some top guys (none of them called Nick).

If you get to see this Nick - Safe Travels and Have Fun !!