15 of us met outside the shop for a run over to Harlow, Ruth and Shelley decided they were too tight on time so decided to do a shorter ride, only for us to find them gassing in the forest not 5 mins into their ride, typical!


Anyway we headed through some single track to the blue and over the desert to the Rainworth bypass tracks. Here Darrly found a lightly soiled pair of Star Wars boxers and for some reason felt the need to create a pant tree, to ...which we now must add pants found on bike rides!


We then hit Harlow and over to Thieves for a sausage cob and hot chocolate. Back through Thieves and Harlow via more single track and the old Newark road, Strawberry hill where Darryl found an old moped and deciding that MTB was so yesterday, he lay down his bike, jumped onto the moped. Darryl was quickly joined by Scott who grabbed him by the "Titties" as Darryl loudly exclaimed and although they both had great plans to ride off together Darryl was unable to get it started, shame, as they made a lovely couple.


A detour to the hidden bits of the heathland nearby took us along the mini spine and drop then onto the sandy drop and back onto the desert and return to the Pines for a coffee and cake.


Thanks to Tony for his super sweeping, Smashing riding by all and see you soon.