We did it - the first SPCC 6 hour Challenge !

Well it was an early start for the SPCC and Vuelta Sport Teams.  The day was looking warm with showers forecast later, all the important things were getting sorted, gazebos, teas, coffees and the arena area.  The sponsors were arriving - Absolute Black, Sherwood Pines Cycles, Cube, Retro Bikes whilst Dan was busy sorting out the Navigation Brewery 'Beer Line' with quality control expertly provided by Terry the paramedic on site for the day.

Slowly but surely the riders started to arrive, 9am and sign on opened with entries on the day as well - things were looking good.  It didn't take long before the rider briefing was here and the rules and safety advice was handed out. Riders were then gridded up on the start line and at 12pm off they went !

It was great to see this bunch of racers start the first event SPCC has held at this venue, single speeders, fat bikes, first timers and the retro bikers - we mustn't forget them !

After 20 or so minutes the first riders came through the start, the soloists sped straight through whilst the pairs did their transition thing and went out for their first lap.  Comments were heard 'Wow that was a great course' 'Mate you'll love that' - with that we knew we had got it right.

After some time the 'Beer Line' sponsored by Navigation Brewery of Nottingham opened, a few glasses were lined up and we had a few visitors, we then shut it down to see disappointed faces of those who had narrowly missed out come riding by !

So, we then decided to keep the beer line open for the duration, one of the racers who prefers his cider stopped by and we had him a cider prepared ready, he had a quick chat and said 'that is a tough course, what time is it now ?  Am I half way through ?'  'No, two hours' we replied.  He was seriously questioning whether he could keep it going.  Off he went with more riders stopping for a beer, the beer line worked really well and added a different approach to the day's racing.

We were now half way through and had a few showers to dampen it down but still the riders kept going with big smiles all round.  Riders were beginning to slow a bit and were now starting to see that a slice of that amazing banana bread from the Vuelta team and a tea/coffee/beer would work wonders in powering them on.  Before long the 6 hour mark was approaching and we were timing those last laps to get the winning places.

The Results:

Solo Mens

1st    Steve Day

2nd  David Kellam

3rd   Owen Wilby

Solo Ladies

1st    Anita Boswell (her first ever race !)


1st    Steve Perry and Nigel Moore

2nd  Glynn Attiwell and Adrian Chadwick

3rd   Damien Roberts and Graham Clarke

All riders put in a terrific ride - that was a tough 4 mile loop - you know who you all are - WELL DONE !

What a smashing day !  Thank you all so much for supporting us.  Thank you to our sponsors Absolute Black for the first prizes of an oval chainring, Sherwood Pines Cycles for the 2nd and 3rd place prizes, Navigation Brewery of Nottingham for the beer, Cube of Scunthorpe, Brandon Tool Hire for the generator, Retro bike for the riding and the amazing retro bikes on display and finally Vuelta Sports for the wonderful trails and trail builders.

However, it must not go without mention that this event is all down to one Sherwood Pines Club member - Carl Kelleher - he had a dream to run an event, he found a venue, got a team behind him and pulled it off !  Carl - we salute you !  You put your heart and soul into this event and made it a huge success.

We have received so many thanks and positive comments that we will be doing this again next year !  Spread the word and see you in 2018.

Thank you for your support from the event team - Carl, Dan, Darren, Ruth and Vic.

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