Tuesday's ladies came out even with the weather looking a bit soggy !

Before the ride we had to do a bit of chain maintenance, once that was sorted the ladies put jackets on ready for action, for some it was their first slightly muddy ride of the year.  We headed off around the Viking Trail, it was drizzling to start off with but it soon stopped and the sun appeared through the trees for a short time but it soon dropped enough for the lights and the fun to begin !

Some of the newer Ladies got to grips with noticing muddy bits on the trail and how much a bike can squirm, one lady did dismount in a very speedy fashion - bike went down, she didn't but a very muddy foot was the result.

Lots of toadstools, toads and frogs were spotted and avoided and the leading lady cleared all the cobwebs for the ones following lol !

Thanks for riding Rebecca, Leah, Angie, Anita and nice to have Izzy back too.  Thanks too goes to Darren for sweeping.

See you all next week.