So this week we did a bit more 'just riding', so 9 of us headed out around the Red Route.  Two of the group had not ventured all the way around it yet so it would be good to see the whole route, lights were needed from the start and we were all whizzy on the first couple of sections then some decided to remove their jackets, tops etc. as it was so mild - I even had one too many layers on !

Some more sections done, some more clothing removed, some beetles, spiders and a toad spotted as we carried on along the dry dusty trails and the shock horror a puddle was found !  It was so small we almost missed it and I bet the ones at the back didn't even get a splash !

We then had one of the ladies have a little lie down - she was OK but the importance of wearing a helmet was there to see - we then carried on to the end with lots of happy riders.

Glad you all enjoyed t and thanks to my fab sweeper Leigh.

See you all next week.