Before joining the club please read our Rules and Indemnity Clause below.

Any person wishing to become a member of the club may do so by providing their name and address and other relevant information as required by the club.  No information is passed to third parties outside of the club.

Any existing member whose subscription has not been paid within one month of expiry will cease to be a member of the club and will forfeit all benefits available to all members.

Indemnity Clause:

I understand and agree that cycling events are held on the public highway and on/off road trails and that I participate therein at my own risk and that no liability whatever shall attach to the Sherwood Pines Cycling Club, any official, or any member of the club for any injury, loss or damage suffered by me or in or by reason of the event however such may be caused and whether by negligence or otherwise.


As to Club rides/runs, I am aware that whilst club members will give assistance when an emergency has occurred, neither the club nor its members undertake any responsibility for instruction or supervision on such an occasion.

Under no circumstances whatsoever will the Club or its Officers accept responsibility for loss or damage to any member's bike or equipment.  All members cycling shall do so at their own risk.  No compensation will be paid by the Club for loss or damage no matter how incurred.

During organised Club Rides the appointed Ride Leader shall control the ride and at a pace to suit the weakest rider.  No rider shall pass the Ride Leader without his or her permission.  If required a Ride Sweeper will be appointed to share the organising of the route and ride with the Ride Leader. There shall be at least two adults on each Club Ride.

If you decide to detour or abandon the ride please ensure you inform the Ride Leader or Ride Sweeper before leaving.  This is for your own and everyone's safety.

Under 18's Important Information 

Please note that before an under 18's rider can ride with the club, a parent or guardian must meet with one of the ride leaders or a Committee member (before the first ride) to have a chat about the club to make clear about responsibilities etc.  Any member under the age of 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult/guardian on any club ride/event.

Please email to arrange an informal chat.

If you're now ready to join the club you can proceed to the relevant application page:

Adult Membership at £15 per year

Family Membership at £30 per year (up to 2 adults/2 children)

Under 18's Membership at £5 per year


By clicking any of the above links to the Online Application Pages you are stating that you accept and abide by the Club rules and Indemnity Clause