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Ride Grading

With all Club Rides you need to be self sufficient and carry spare tubes, tools, split chain links etc.
Drinks and Nutrition, i.e.. Energy gels and snacks should be carried.
You need to wear appropriate clothing to be safe and comfortable; especially rainwear.

Helmets MUST be worn at all times. Your ride leader will refuse to allow you on the ride without one. “NO HELMET, NO RIDE”

All rides are at your own risk.
Your ride leader carries a basic first aid kit.
Ladies only rides are also available.
Please have fun, whilst being safe and respecting your fellow riders and other visitors to the Forest.
All rides start and finish from the front forecourt of Sherwood Pines Cycles Shop unless specified otherwise.

You must not pass your ride leader unless they say it is ok to do so and tell you where the rendezvous point is, e.g. they may say it is safe to do so at the start of a big climb.

Important Notes

1. All rides start and finish from the front forecourt of Sherwood Pines Cycles unless specified otherwise.

2. Please ensure you are equipped to be self-sufficient, nutrition, equipment and appropriate clothing.

3. Remember, Ride Leaders are responsible for the ride, please remain behind the Ride Leader at all times on the ride.

4. If you decide to abort your ride, you MUST inform the Ride Leader before doing so.

5. Designated Ride Sweeper remains at the back of the ride for the duration of the ride. Radios must be used to keep in contact with the Ride Leader. If the pace is too slow/too fast, please communicate to the Leader/Sweeper so the pace can be suited to your needs.

6. Please respect other riders on your ride, be encouraging and respectful to each other’s needs. No fowl language, abusive gestures and any other inappropriate behaviour will be allowed.

7. Be respectful to other park users; if you are part of an SPCC ride, you are representing the Club and any reports of inappropriate behaviour/language will be dealt with efficiently and professionally with confidentiality and discretion. Such behaviour will not be tolerated and could result in the withdrawal of your membership.

8. Please ensure you aim to ride on appropriate level rides for your ability. As you progress through your skills and endurance, you may find it better to progress to a more challenging ride. Please see the Ride Descriptions on the SPCC website for details or talk to a Ride Leader for guidance. Remember, the pace is set to the slowest rider.

9. The SPCC is for people who want to ride their bike with other people with the same interest, within a safe and friendly environment. We need every member to help us keep it this way.

10. Have lots of laughs, challenge yourself and ride safe!

If anyone would like to contact the Committee, you can do so via our website or private message us on Facebook. We welcome your comments, support and any help you can offer.

The Committee and Ride Leaders/Sweepers are all volunteers, who commit their time to the Club, for everyone to enjoy. If you would like to learn more of how you could help, please contact us.

Ride Rules

Sherwood Pines Cycling Club 2015

The following ride grading can be used to help you understand if a ride is for you. Try and pick a ride that meets your fitness level wherever possible. Be aware that we will always slow a ride to meet the slowest rider in the group and so sometimes the ride may not meet the advertised grading level.

The grading is designed to make it as easy as possible to understand by using colour codes against each ride on the main website page. Yellow being the easiest and Black the hardest.

A description of what each grading means and how it related to your riding is given below. Actual ride distances may vary, always check the ride description before attending.

To introduce newcomers into Mountain Biking. All riders welcome, family friendly, hour long ride at an easy pace.
Ride distance between 5 - 8 miles
Easy terrain inside the Sherwood Pines Park area

To ride at a relaxed pace within the Sherwood Pines Park area. This is for the rider wishing to gain some local trail knowledge with an experienced ride leader for fun and a good ride out.
Ride distance up to 10 - 15 miles at a relaxed pace
A mixture of terrain within the Sherwood Pines park area

To bring on your core fitness and technical skills. You probably ride 1 or 2 times a week averaging 10 - 20 miles per ride
Ride distance may be between 15 - 25 miles
Varying terrain using single track in and out of the Sherwood Pines Park area

These rides are for the experienced rider wanting to build-up their endurance and overall fitness. You probably ride 2-3 times a week averaging 20 - 25 miles per ride.
Ride distance may be between 15 - 35 miles
Varying terrain requiring good technical skills. Quicker pace than Improver rides

For fast riders who want to ride in a group at a fast pace. Not suitable for occasional or Improver riders.
Ride distance 15 - 50 miles depending on terrain
Varying terrain requiring good technical skills and endurance. Quick pace