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Looking to improve your Mountain Biking Skills?

Sherwood Pines Cycling Club 2015

breeze is a British Cycling initiated movement aimed at getting more women into riding bikes for fun.
Sherwood Pines Cycling Club run regular breeze rides throughout the week.

Find out more about breeze here:

Sherwood Pines Cycling Club - Ladies Rides

Sherwood Pines Cycling Club has a thriving group of mountain biking ladies who know how to hit the trails and have fun!

This is a ladies only group, no men to spoil the vibe, just good clean fun in the heart of Sherwood.

But just how did the dedicated Ladies Rides actually start? Here is group leader Dee to explain:

So.. What are you waiting for !  
Grab your bike & helmet and come along to join us for a ride in the picturesque Sherwood Pines Park area

Check the next available ride on the Club Rides & Events page. Look for “Ladies” in the ride title


I started riding with the Sherwood Pines Cycling Club years ago, where I was only one of very few women riders. I loved the supportiveness of the members and the rides but something was missing… I loved being out with the guys but I wasn’t as fast as them, although I tried my best I would find myself tiring behind and then as they waited for me to catch up, they would catch their breath and as soon as I reached the group they were off again. I thought that there had to be more women like me out there, who want to ride, but don’t want to feel pressured or hurried if they can’t quite keep up with the pace.

So… I started leading ladies only rides!!

At the start there were only a few of us. Today in 2014 there are MANY!! We are growing month by month, new ladies ride with us each weekend find themselves laughing and enjoying the freedom of the trails, meeting like minded women, sharing stories, learning new skills and making some really good friends!

I have watched women who started with no confidence, blossom into fantastic riders, shy girls became
confident women, ladies who felt alone in the MTB world now share it with new found friends.

Our rides aren’t about being the fastest or the best, it’s not about having the best kit or the most expensive bike.

It’s about living and showing the boys that we don’t belong in the kitchen…