Sherwood Pines Cycling Club

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Sherwood Pines Cycling Club 2015

*We have a small number of quality night lights available to loan out on night rides (for members only)
Contact the ride leader before the event to ensure one is available for you

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Sherwood Pines Cycling Club is centred around the Sherwood Pines Forest Park in north Nottinghamshire. Although the park has three graded biking trails, it is the wealth of lesser known and hidden routes that form the bulk of the MTB riding in this area.

There are rides all around Sherwood Pines as well as longer routes out to Clumber Park and Creswell Crags to name just a few. If you love mountain biking and want to get more involved with like minded people, join rides, see what we have to offer, lead rides, show us your favourite trails and generally have a good time riding the trails on your bike, come and join us.

Our ride leaders have unparalleled local knowledge giving you a great opportunity to discover some of the best trails that the pines and surrounding countryside has to offer.

Come along for a free ride or two and check us out!

Choose a ride that matches your fitness level and mileage capability for maximum enjoyment. Some rides will be graded quick or fast so please check the ride descriptions match your riding level before attending.

About Sherwood Pines Cycling Club
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Distance 10 - 15 miles

This ride is held in association with Breeze Rides
Thinking of having a go with us? Come along to this weeks ride. You’ll love it!

Meet outside Sherwood Pines Cycle Shop

Ride Grading:  Occasional Rider / Just For Fun

A faster ride that Tuesday, this is an open ride this week with no designated ride leader.

Turn up and have fun with like minded ladies

Meet outside Sherwood Pines Cycle Shop

Ride Grading:   Improver Ride Grading:   Improver

Distance 20 - 25 miles

Meet outside the Sherwood Pines Cycles Shop

A quicker paced ride with Dan in and out of the Pines

The following weather chart shows the forecast for the Sherwood Pines Park area for this coming week

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